First Class Conflict and Change Management

Daily differences are inevitable. The project plan changes, or people have an amended focus or changed priority. Dealing successfully with the inevitable challenges is the key that determines success or setback.

How is this issue affecting your business, and what impact is it having?

You may already know the answers, or you may suspect it’s an issue and you’re not certain how to address it. Either way we are ready to talk with you, and begin the process of making improvements.

FIRST is a system developed by Evolution to equip leaders and their teams with the skills to handle internal and external conflicts, change and differences at an early stage.

We use a well-researched, tried and tested profiling tool called the Thomas-Kilmann conflict mode instrument, also known as the TKI.  The five modes identified with the TKI profile helps to understand how we instinctively deal with situations of difference and conflict. In business critical situations where personal performance is often marred by stress learning how to shift modes builds resilience and flexibility.

This is achieved by training advanced communications skills from the field of neuro science. Covering the key areas of verbal, and non-verbal communication using specific language forms to defuse and influence situations. These tools and techniques can be used to:

  • Manage
    • client interactions
    • team conversations
    • challenging situations
  • Keep difficult conversation and meetings on track
  • Maintain focus in situations where emotions can often run high
  • Reduce stress


When put together the participants leave with strategies to head off or deal with situations in areas such as managing performance, challenging appraisals, client relations and project team management, saving valuable time and money.

F Focus tools to maintain focus and stay on track with conversations keeping them relevant and ensuring matters are dealt with effectively
I How intent and outcomes are harnessed to ensure that situations have positive outcomes
R Managing relationships to build rapport and create a constructive climate
S Knowing what style to adopt in difficult situations
T Having the tactics to deploy that will bring successful conclusions
“For the last 2 years we’ve worked in partnership with Evolution Training who continue to deliver a module on advanced communications to our managers. Team effectiveness, interpersonal relations and project delivery have all benefited and I recommend Evolution Training to any business that wants to grow and develop”
Claire Ritchie
L&D Lead (Europe & Africa)
Mott MacDonald Global Management, Engineering and Development Consultancy.