Your team will learn:coaching_skill_img

  • Secrets for taking on a coaching role to help staff reach optimal performance
  • How to structure and conduct a coaching session
  • Powerful ways to help employees set goals and outcomes that work, using well-formed outcomes models.
  • How to use questions to stimulate the “coachee” to find appropriate practical solutions to problems they’re experiencing

The end result is that your managers will be more effective at motivating employees, and the entire organisation will become more efficient and profitable.

Create the Professional Breakthrough You Crave

As a energetic executive or entrepreneur, there are many reasons to consider professional coaching. Here are some of the proffesional-executive-coachingreasons our clients have given for using our one-to-one professional coaching services…

  • Get a sounding board; a trusted, objective advisor
  • Find professional fulfillment while maintaining a work/life balance
  • Benefit from proven state of the art communication technologies
  • Connect with your core values, focus on your priorities, and stay on target
  • Receive high quality guidance and support for issues and concerns
  • Strengthen your communication skills for those tough conversations ahead
  • Develop your coaching skills for use with employees
  • Teach you how to use high quality questions to get to a solution faster
  • Significantly increase your behavioural flexibility to take on constantly changing situations

Evolution Training has been helping businesses and professionals worldwide for 16 years. Whether you need help bringing your corporate culture in line with your business strategy, or an objective presence with the skills to fix what’s broken, we understand the issues and concerns that hit you hard at the executive level.

To learn more about how executive coaching can help you professionally, request a Complimentary Coaching Session today!