manOngoing Coaching to Train Up and Coming Managers Destined for Leadership

‘I have worked with Evolution Training for the past 12 years. Why? They are flexible, able to put together bespoke, value-add training, and are excellent at delivery and follow up.This is not “off the shelf” training, this is training focused on our business needs.”
–Martin Gillam – HR Director – Video Jet

Evolution Training has worked with Video Jet over the last 12 years, providing training for the company’s “high flyers,” or those destined for leadership.

Evolution Training has innovated a number of advanced training programmes for Video Jet, including group trainings on a variety of topics from communication to change management, and one-on-one executive coaching for crucial team members. In addition, Evolution Training prepared Video Jet’s own in-house HR team to provide ongoing performance coaching.

Key Facts

Industry: Manufacturing

Participants: Senior Managers, High Flyers, Heads of Departments

Top Challenges:
-Improve leadership skills
-Provide advanced communication training
-Help leaders develop naturally and effectively
-Give HR team members the tools to train and develop staff

-Improved communication among the top leaders
-More leaders groomed and ready for important leadership roles
-HR can deliver Coaching for Performance in-house and on an ongoing basis


International-Educational-CharityInternational Educational Charity Hires Evolution Training to Help Teachers and Education Leaders Improve Their Skills

Evolution Training is part of a multi-disciplinary team of training providers working on a government project to develop leaders in education to take on headships and senior leadership positions. This is the first such programme of its kind in the world, and has already helped train over 2000 teachers.

Evolution Training provided Advanced NLP Communication for Leaders training to 1500+ senior school leaders, deputy heads, and heads of departments…so that these educational leaders could then return to their schools, train their teachers, and improve the quality of education in their neighbourhoods.

Key Facts

Industry: Education

Participants: 1500+ senior school leaders, deputy heads, and heads of departments

Top Challenges:
-Improve classroom skills
-Provide leadership tools to education leaders

-Education leaders were empowered to help their teachers improve
-Improved communication among faculty and in the classrooms
-More leaders groomed and ready for headships and other leadership roles


investment‘Clear precise and functional training that delivered the depth and practicality needed to develop leaders to manage our change process.”

Steve Moffatt – Communications Strategy Manager

When a large multinational insurance reseller needed to facilitate a merger of six companies, they called Evolution Training to help them.

Evolution Training provided important change management support to make the transition as smoothly as possible, including Advanced Communication Skills, Action-Centered Leadership, and Self-Management for Leaders.

To facilitate and train the change leadership team with leadership, communication and interpersonal skills in order to facilitate a smooth merger of six companies into one organisation dealing with claims from businesses.

Key Facts

Industry: Insurance/Finance

Participants: Senior Managers, 300 Claims Staff, Strategic Communications Team

Top Challenges:
-Support major merger
-Make transition as smooth and pain-free as possible
-Provide communication support
-Help identify future leaders for the company moving forward

-The transition occurred with minimum disruption to work flows
-Good morale was maintained throughout the process
-Focused communication enabled leaders and staff members to adjust to their new roles
-Many in the programme have gone on to take up new leadership roles in other parts of the country


defenceimageMultinational Defence Engineering Leaders Trained on Creativity, Team Building, and Process Management

A large multinational defence engineering company wanted to train their leaders on innovation, business development, and the generation of new business opportunities. They hired Evolution Training to assist.

Evolution Training designed a practical experiential workshop over two days, providing business leaders with important tools to lead their teams through the development of new projects. Each workshop used real business development initiatives and generated data sets to be used to further the development of specific projects.

Key Facts:

Industry: Defence Engineering

Participants: 20 senior managers, strategic business team

Top Challenges:
-Create a culture of innovation
-Communicate better through change
-Improve leadership skills

-Process development improved
-Greater appreciation for creativity and innovation among key leaders
-Critical communication skills acquired
-Data sets developed to help with innovation of future projects